The Power of an Hour

In this episode of The Leap to Freedom Show I give you tips on how to make the most of building a business in an hour a day!  Yes, and hour a day…the power hour!  I know many of you are working full time while you build your business on the side and that time is super limited and so I thought it was the perfect time to show you how I did it myself!  Being a single parent, while working full time and creating 2 businesses on the side takes some serious time management skills!  The tips we are talking about today are Goals, Planning and Focus!  Enjoy.

Goals & Planning 

Setting realistic goals that are not so much as outcome based rather than action based can help you not loose interest or passion in what you are doing.  Planning is key to setting yourself up for success.  Planning how you will spend that time each day is key to avoid getting caught in the latest Netflix series or the FB rabbit hole!

Power Hour Focus

When I was studying for my CPA I used classical music to help me focus!

All this and more on the show!

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