Passion to Profit with Sara Duchovnay

Work will never feel like “work” when you take your passions and make them your business.  This episode is about exactly that, how to take your passion to profit!

I am super excited to have guests back on the show with me and this week I had the pleasure of chatting with Sara Duchovnay!

Sara is a professional opera singer who has turned her love of antique diamonds and estate fine jewelry into a dual career! The two sides of her professional life work together in perfect harmony.  While performing major roles with opera companies around the country, Sara is able to source inventory from all over the world.

An unexpected but meaningful niche in her business is also “divorce rings”.  These are special rings that women purchase for themselves to celebrate their strength and independence from unhappy and/or unhealthy marriages. This niche presented itself when Sara shared a photo of her own divorce ring that she purchased after leaving an emotionally abusive marriage.

Many women were moved by her story of survival and felt inspired to buy their own. Sara is an ambassador and educational facilitator with the One Love Foundation, a nonprofit that teaches young people about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships in an effort to end relationship abuse.

How to connect with Sara:

Check out her gorgeous jewelry collection at


Thanks for listening in today!

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