I can’t believe it….we are halfway through summer. I do hope you have been enjoying it. 

As soon as the first flowers of the season bloom and the first leaves are out everyone gets so excited for the summer season!  

With that usually comes a very long, unrealistic list of things we want to do in a very short period of time!  I know I am guilty of this!

Did you make a bucket list of things you wanted to see, do, etc. over the summer!  If so, what is on your bucket list? More importantly, have you done them!!? And maybe even more importantly, did you write them down?


Check-in Time


Well, this is your mid-summer check-in….holding you accountable for making it happen!

This was my first summer not working in the corporate world and I had a long list of things I wanted to do, see and accomplish over the summer.

Some of these included;

Paddleboarding (try something new)

Cultus Lake Waterslide Park (have some serious fun)

Trip to Victoria (travel somewhere I have never gone (sans business))

Read about 8 books (well…I am a serious book lover…no other reason)

For me, self-care took over. I came away from my corporate world very burned-out as well as my other company threw me some curveballs. So….I am down to just a few weeks to get in my prioritized items.  

No worries if you have not done your own list yet either!  There are still a few weeks of summer left and here are a few tips to help you make it happen!


Make it Happen Check List

If your list was not already written down, write it down!  It has been proven time and again that when we write down our goals we so much more successful at accomplishing them.

Do a check-in to see what you have and have not done. 

The ones that have not happened, put them in order of priority.  What is really important to you (not everyone else….but you). I know many of us often put everyone else’s wishes first which can leave us feeling resentful.

Create an action plan. This is where you say, “Here’s what I plan to do and here’s how I plan to do it.”

Mark them on your calendar and take the necessary steps to book things or whatever is necessary to set yourself up for success.  If you have a weekend getaway you wanted to take….book it! If you wanted to check out a new farmers market…..put it on the calendar.

Find someone to hold you accountable.  If you don’t have anyone that can do that for you….pop into our Facebook group and we would be happy to fill that role for you!  

Make it happen!



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