Welcome to today’s episode.  This episode will be referred to as Episode 0 as this is the transition podcast from Luminosity to the new podcast The Leap to Freedom Show.

The Who, What, Where, When, and Why of The Leap to Freedom Show.

Lets first look at the WHO…

For those of you who are new to me, I am Maria Conde, host of the Luminosity podcast and now the Leap to Freedom Show.   The most important thing to know about me is that I do Life My Way!! 

The question most often asked of me is “how do you do it all” and “you are so brave”.  It’s true….I do things that many others would never dream of….like leaving a lucrative corporate job to live life on my terms!  I can also be a little quirky…..like the time that I chose to repurpose my entire 2 bedroom apartment….I turned one bedroom into a men’s lounge for my husband at the time, my bedroom became a cosy sanctuary/office.  The Living room became the master bedroom and we entertained in the dining room.   Why….because I could and I needed it to fit my life! 

Extras about me include…. I am visionary….always looking forward, a mentor and coach….I prefer the term Strategic advisor as that is my style!  I have years of business, leadership and finance experience as a CPA.  Throw in some nutritionist and health coaching to make life a little more rouned and that is my business background.  First and foremost,  I am a mom to a 13-year-old daughter at the time of this recording.  She is definitely here to teach me a few lessons!  She inspires me and challenges me daily!  So that is the WHO. 


This is now home to the Leap to Freedom Show which is all about taking that leap from the corporate employee to the empowered entrepreneur world.   It’s also a place where you will learn to get the mindset needed to make big leaps in life, how to manage your finances through it, how to manage stress in challenging times because many wear 2 hats to make the transition running a side gig and the full-time job.  and how to crush your goals and make it happen!  And, most importantly, I do all this with the Law of Attraction principles, manifesting and Universal Laws.  It is all about working smarter not harder.  I believe in you being the CEO of your own life and that includes having fun!


You can find the Leap To Freedom show on iTunes, Podbean and Spotify, and a few others coming soon or here on my website at www.mariaconde.com


Every Monday I will release a new podcast


All you need to do is Subscribe/Follow on your favourite podcast provider….ie iTunes / Spotify so you don’t miss an episode!  And, to make life easier for you…my goal is to keep these under 20 minutes!  

Now that we have the logistics out of the way…..WHY the change to the Leap to Freedom Show?

Well….to be honest….I am someone who believes in growing and evolving continually and it was time.  

I so strongly believe in living life …..your way.  We do not have to be bound to society’s normals.    At the time of this recording, we are learning a whole new normal…..which is so needed.  The earth …people, animals and planet need a rest.  We needed time to pause and rethink our path.  Since leaving the corporate world I have been on an amazing journey and value my freedom more than ever.  I want that for you too.   Also I really believe in the principles of the Go-Givers….which is based on the Universal Laws of Value, Reciprocity, Influence, Compensation, and Authenticity and I am all about the Law of Attraction and manifesting.

I believe in using my voice for the greater good.  I am very direct in my ways but also very much an empath….very loving and My superpower is leading groups of people.  

Along with creating an extraordinary life I also believe in living with balance, purpose and good health…..hence my exit from the corporate world.  I believe in creating a life you don’t need a vacation from!  

If you like what I have in store for you, I welcome you to come and join me on this journey!  Subscribe to the podcast and when you feel inclined please leave feedback so.

Thank you so much for listening in and join me in the first episode of Freedom First!  

Here’s to you living your best life! 

You can listen to the podcast here or you can listen to it on iTunes and subscribe there…so you never miss an episode!

If you are ready to take the leap from employee to the entrepreneurial world and create a business that is based on purpose and freedom then join us over at our private Facebook group…. The Leap to Freedom Collective.



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