Episode 80

The Quest for Freedom, Travel, and Entrepreneurial Fulfillment

with special guest Karen King 

Welcome back to another exciting episode of the Leap to Freedom Show! I’m your host, Maria Conde, and today we have a special guest joining us, Karen King. Karen is a world traveler who defied societal norms and chose to live life on her own terms.

In 2015, Karen and her husband made a life altering decision – they sold everything they owned to embark on an incredible journey across more than 50 countries, with their children in tow. Karen is not only a passionate traveler, but also a successful entrepreneur. She is the founder of Gold Star Pro, a software platform and coaching program that simplifies technology for business owners, helping them scale their businesses with confidence.

During our conversation, Karen shares her experiences of breaking away from the traditional norms and embracing a life of freedom and adventure. We dive deep into the challenges she faced, the lessons she learned, and the joy she found along the way. From relying on house sits for free accommodation, to developing automated systems to scale her own business, Karen’s journey is truly inspiring.

But it’s not just about her personal journey. We also discuss the importance of pursuing your passions and building a business around what you truly love. Karen’s insight and expertise in the online business world will leave you inspired and motivated to take your own leap of faith.

So grab your headphones, and get ready to be inspired by Karen King’s incredible story of courageous living and entrepreneurial success. Let’s dive into this episode of the Leap to Freedom Show with our special guest, Karen King.

As an added note….I took Gold Star Pro for a serious test drive and loved it!  It truly is a great platform AND the service is exceptional!




Guest Bio

Karen King is an Aussie, Wife, Mum of 2, and a full-time international traveller. In 2015, she and her husband sold everything they owned to begin traveling the world with their kids.

She is a born entrepreneur and loves helping business owners create automated systems to help them scale their business on auto-pilot! Karen is the Founder of Gold Star Pro, an all-in-one software platform and coaching program.

Karen is passionate about working with entrepreneurs who struggle with tech… helping those that feel overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed, understand how to use tech to grow their business with confidence.


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Recap & Timestamps

00:08:15 Traveling and learning outside of traditional schooling.

00:12:18 World schooling: a mature alternative to traditional education.

00:17:00 House sitting saves money, enabling travel.

00:19:20 How to be a digital nomad yourself.

00:25:06 Building a business from passion is life-changing.

00:29:59 I love it, thankful, enlightening, simplify, listeners, try, value.