Episode 79

From Burnout to Balance

Reclaiming Your Health and Vitality in Midlife 

with special guest Penny DeJager

Welcome back to the Leap to Freedom Show! I’m your host, Maria Conde, and today we have a very special guest, Penny DeJager. Penny is passionate about helping women in midlife improve their health and well-being. Penny shares her journey from fitness management to experiencing burnout and adrenal fatigue, which ultimately led her to pursue a career in holistic nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

This journey inspired her to help women navigate the traditional medical system and advocate for themselves, especially during midlife and menopausal transitions. Penny’s personal experience and expertise make her relatable to clients who are going through similar challenges and help them move from burnout to balance.

Stay tuned for an inspiring and informative conversation with Penny DeJager.




Guest Bio

Penny specializes in supporting women in mid-life who struggle with weight gain, imbalanced hormones, fatigue, digestive issues and inflammation/pain in their body. She has a transformational personalized nutrition program that balances your metabolism so that you can improve these health issues and lose weight in a sustainable way getting to the root cause.

Penny has a Degree in Kinesiology, Diploma in Massage Therapy, Diploma in Natural Nutrition and is a Certified Metabolic Balance Coach in Canada and the US.


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Recap & Timestamps

00:05:53 Adrenal fatigue, massage therapy, autoimmune conditions, nutrition.

00:11:55 “Evolution of personal growth, entrepreneurship, and burnout.”

00:13:55 Work-life balance, wealth, and menopause experiences.

00:16:42 Supporting women through menopause, breaking stigma.

00:20:08 Entrepreneur’s journey, single parenting, trusting oneself.