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Emotional Wellness with Katie Rössler

On this week’s show, I had the pleasure of having Katie Rössler with me as we talk about emotional wellness! Katie is a licensed counselor with experience working with couples, individuals, and families. She has owned successful private practices in the USA and in Germany and also provides online courses and programs for better work/life balance and healthier family life.

These times (recorded during Covid) are very challenging and stressful for many.  From working longer hours because you are at your computer all day or if you have lost your job.  Dealing with having the kids at home, having to balance home schooling.  Everyone doing thier best to keep healthy.  This list is never ending for where stress is showing up in our lives.

Self-care is more important than ever right now and she joins me for a conversation about our mental and emotional wellbeing for these challenging times.  This episode is not just for the entrepreneur but for everyone!

Takeaways from this episode on emotional wellness:

  1. Community is so important during these times of isolation and social distancing
  2. Be resourceful on ways to connect with others
  3. Screen time is exhausting us….take as much time away from the computer as possible 
  4. We are working longer hours because we are having to piece together our day while working at home
  5. Find the laughter in your day….it is so healing!  
  6. Take life less serious when life is so serious
  7. Check-in on your friends…..use your intuition to make sure they are ok.

How to connect with Katie:

Thanks for listening in today!

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