Authentic connection is the key to successful client acquisition and retention!  People do business with those who they know like and Trust.  

Most of us know this but how do you get people to know, like and trust you.  In the clogged up world of social media and online marketing, it is really challenging to do this authenticity, long-term.  People need to get to know you, what you’re about, what your values are and how you operate day-to-day.

 This can be either by your posts,  podcast, live video, YouTube, blogs or any other way you are communicating online.   

How you show up is key to who you are going to attract.   Remember the universal laws – like attracts like. If you are showing up inauthentically then you have a high chance of attracting the same.

For example…I own another company and I always seem to be amazed at the clients that I have there and how genuine they are.   I choose to do business in the most authentic way that I can and I attract clients that are just as equally authentic. Providing excellent service is also a key to success!

So let’s bring in networking now.  Whether you’re looking for a new job, a new client or a new home,  networking is essential to having success in achieving what you want. 

Unfortunately, when we hear the term networking we tend to get our backs up.  Maybe feel a bit of dread…especially if you are an introvert.  

Networking has gotten a bad rap over the years because there are a lot of inauthentic people trying to sell you everything out there.  No one wants to be sold to! They need to know that THEY have made the decision to purchase the product/service. This is key! When I coach people it is always about making conscious decisions.  Not decisions you are pressured into. 

So when we need to step up and network or connect with people we tend to hesitate a little bit because we don’t want to be that “salesy” mark person.

We’ve all had that experience when you’re approached by somebody and they give a very innocent opening line you know exactly where the conversation is going to go

No one really appreciates being sold to.

It also makes it a little bit more challenging when you are the person trying to sell something and how to make a real true connection with somebody. 

I have spent considerable time reading and studying the Laws of Success, in particular, the Go-Giver series of books.  Go-Givers Sell More is an excellent book on all that I talk about in this blog.  

Life and business are so much more rewarding when we are authentic.  Here are some of the top ways to be able to network authentically :



Listening has to be the number one thing to do when you are trying to connect with somebody…PERIOD… is not about you and your story. It is about them.   The sooner you learn to connect with people by learning their story, the sooner you will be building trust with them. Everybody wants to be heard but there are very few people out there that really want to listen.   

Listen and you will learn much more about what your clients really need and want as opposed to selling what you have and what you think they need.  Always shift the focus to the other person. unless of course, they ask you more about what you have to offer because they are genuinely interested in what you do….but don’t start out that way.  


Be Intentional 

Be intentional about all your actions at networking events.   You can’t expect people to just buy from you. You need to build a relationship with them.   When you go to a networking event it shouldn’t be with the goal of coming out with X number of sales.   It is more about quality connections or leads.  

There is a marketing principle that says that it takes 7 touch points before a person will buy from you.  Do good networking and community building and sales will naturally come out of that.

Remember too, if someone is not interested in what you have to offer….still see how you can support them….maybe you have another connection that could help them.  Helping others rise it a great authentic way to build rapport and community. 


Follow Up

I cannot express how important this concept is.  I can not tell you how many times I have wanted something and the person never followed up with me to see if I was still interested.  It goes like this….I would ask about a product…..they enlighten me……I get busy (even though I am still interested) and then NEVER hear from the person again.  You can get my follow up tracker here.  

If somebody has reached out to you for any information whatsoever you need to follow up with them.   Remember it takes 7 touch points before they will actually purchase from you.   

Be appreciative of their time,  send them thank-you notes, a handwritten letter…not just a cryptic text messenger moment!  Do proper follow up with them to make sure they have what they need. Give them some time and follow up nicely again.  

Even if you don’t get the client you will be remembered vs forgotten about.   Remember, you never know who they are connected to.  

Follow-up is so important.   Never be disgruntled if they don’t want your services. if you do a really great job of connecting with them, listening to them, and doing good follow-up they will refer you to others even if they haven’t used your service themselves.


Follow Up Part 2 

I also wanted to add that it’s also really important once you have a client to not stop that networking piece.   Keeping a good relationship in connection with that person is always important because that is where your referrals will come from.


True Connecting

I would love to take this moment to promote not just pressing like buttons on everything on social media.  When you really want to connect to somebody, stop, think about how you can connect with them without selling.   This might be in the way of adding a comment to a blog post to social media post they have done. Don’t lead in by saying “hey, I have this fantastic product for you”.  No one wants to hear that. if you really want to sell to this person you need to connect with them learn about them, learn what matters to them, build a connection and build trust.


Be Authentic in all Your Interactions

I mentioned this one earlier but it is so key that it is worth mentioning again.  Every person you meet you should put forward your best self. It is a small world and you have no idea how each person may be connected to another.  .Also, simply being kind raises your vibration which will help you attract what you want.  

If you follow these basic principles, you will have a much better chance of sales, particularly long term success.  And, the world will be a happier place!  

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