We often think that we have to work harder to get ahead but in fact, this is not always so.

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Join Maria with guest Melitta as they discuss Sacred Commerce and our power as women.

Melitta is a business and communication coach specializing in helping women build a business they love, and learn to communicate with greater impact and influence.

Her experiences comes from 25 years working in communication, marketing and leadership.

While her expertise lies in business planning, communications and marketing, having been her own boss for 10 years, Melitta understands that being successful takes a lot more than a perfect plan. You also need the skills and confidence to implement it. Therefore, Melitta takes a personalized approach to helping her clients, ensuring they build an entrepreneurial mindset and confidence while building their business.

Originally from the UK, Melitta now lives in a chalet over looking lake Geneva and the Swiss alps with her husband and two daughters.  

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Melitta’s favourite quote:

If it is no longer fun, stop doing it!

What Melitta is reading right now:

How to be Bawse by Lily Singh

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