We often think that we have to work harder to get ahead but in fact, this is not always so.

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Join Maria with guest Simona as they talk about how slowing down can actually move you forward.

Simona Deckers is an international success and leadership coach and mentor.  She is the dynamic founder of Shanti Company and has transformed the lives of thousands of people through her deeply transformational coaching and mentoring.  Simona supports highly successful and motivated women and men to create the life of their dreams.  Her clients from all over the world obtain a higher vision of who they are and achieve phenomenal personal growth and business success. They get clarity, new skills, innovative strategies, a new mindset as well as the tools to live in serenity, ease and bliss.

Through transformational personal development, visionary psychology, timeless wisdom teachings and leadership business coaching, Simona guides her clients to truly transform from the inside out.

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Simona’s favourite quote:

You won’t change by coincidence, you change by choosing change.

What Simona is reading right now:

Key Person of Influence by Daniel Priestley

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