Welcome to the Luminosity Podcast!  In case you missed it, this week we went LIVE on Facebook to record the podcast!  It was so much fun….despite all the tech issues!  You can watch it on Facebook in the Flourish & Freedom page or right here!

This week’s guest is Corinne Underwood and we talk all things Sexual Empowerment!

Corinne Underwood is the founder of Choices for Sexual Health. She is a Certified Sex and Intimacy Coach, Therapist, Consent Practitioner and Sexual Health Educator. She works with clients to repair and strengthen the relationship with themselves and others by supporting them to heal trauma, love themselves shamelessly, embody pleasure and utilize sexual energy to live fulfilling lives. Her work involves individual and couples coaching and therapy and workshops; providing youngsters, teens and teachers with comprehensive sex education and mentorship and supporting parents to create body positive homes.

Grab a coffee and join us for this conversation!

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Show Note References:

Where to find Corinne:


What Corinne is reading right now:

Reclaiming Eros by Suzanne Blackburn

Corinne’s Favorite Quote:

“Focus on one small part of your body that you can appreciate everyday.”  ~ Corrine Underwood

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