Welcome to the Luminosity Podcast!  I am so excited to bring you this collection of podcasts!  The Luminosity Podcast is all about taking better care of ourselves and learning from amazing speakers all things health, wealth, and freedom.

This week’s guest is Emily Benson, MBA Ph.D.  She is a career coach focused on supporting professional women who want to advance their careers and find more passion and inspiration in their work – and their life! 

I loved every minute of this conversation having spent much of my adult life leading and coaching people in a primarily corporate environment.

Grab a coffee and join us for this conversation!

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Show Note References:

Where to find Emily:


What Emily is reading right now:

It’s Not Your Money: How to Live Fully from Divine Abundance by Tosha Silver

Emily’s Favorite Quote:

“Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor” ~ Anne Lamotte

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