Welcome to the Luminosity Podcast!  I am so excited to bring you this collection of podcasts!  The Luminosity Podcast is all about taking better care of ourselves and learning from amazing speakers all things health, wealth, and freedom.

I am super excited for today’s discussion on HOW TO GET OF YOUR OWN WAY and joining me in today’s conversation is guest speaker Julie Turner.

Julie has been working in the wellness field since 1991. She holds certifications in a variety of things. Starting with but not limited to, Hypnotherapist, counseling,  and coaching. 

Her passion is to help individuals become the best and most authentic version of themselves possible, allowing them to be free of the limiting belief systems that have held them back personally and professionally.

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Show Note References:

Where to find Julie Turner:


What Julie is reading right now:

The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna (this book looks like a fun read!…..next up on my Amazon order!)

Julie Favorite Quote:

The light in me sees the light in you.

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