Dreaming Big

Are you a woman who has a big vision but is holding yourself back?  If this is you (and if it is not you….there is always value in here!) join me as I dive into three ways women hold themselves back and end up play small and a couple of ways you can leap forward!

While there are so many things that can keep us from dreaming big but not playing big, they pretty much all stem from fear!  Take some time to think about your visions….are they small or are they big?  Now take it a layer deeper if you actaully do have big visions….are you living them out??

Sometimes when we have gigantic visions we tend to not take action because they can be to daunting.  So instead of abandoning your dreams, take small steps every day towards it.  Don’t feel you have to take huge leaps, little leaps will get you there faster because it will feel easier.

In the past, if you have attempted to take on a big vision and have become derailed….that’s ok….just get back on track.

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