Hi! My Name is Maria Conde

I am a multi-passionate serial entrepreneur, life-long learner, goal setter, manifester and achiever! While I am definitely an over-achiever, I strongly value my freedom. Living life on my terms is super important to me and I love helping others have that lifestyle too.


I am an experienced certified professional coach with 30+ years of leadership and business experience as a CPA. I am a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Professional Coach.  

Overall I have had extraordinary amounts of success for which I am very grateful. I have owned several business over the years….some amazing others not! Always a lesson! I have been a leader for most of my life and love seeing people grow and succeed. I am a mother to the most amazing daughter and live in Canada!

What They Say

As a result I am now taking more action in every area of my life.  Even though many of the methods I knew from before I started to work with Maria, her coaching actually helped me to implement them in everyday life, because she provided the missing pieces and so much needed clarity and support.  

Maja G.

I found Maria easy to talk to and hand helpful in providing some good insight for my next steps.  She’s a good listener.  Also, I really liked how she took an assessment of every area of my life to really be able to have a better understanding of where I am at and how to help me.  

Aside Dhembi

An amazing program that offered the ability to go deep into exploring and uncovering ones money blocks.  The best part was the practical tips and tools to create lasting change.   I feel more clear on how to generate the money I want but also the skills to manage it.  

Nicole H.