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Maria Conde is the founder of Flourish and Freedom, a company dedicated to empowering women who want more in life.  She helps people to regain their physical health and financial health so they can bring their gifts to this world and live a life of Grace & Ease.  Maria has 30 years financial background in accounting, banking, investments and leadership as well as many years in health and life coaching.  She combines her experience and knowledge from her extensive background to bring you excellent programs to improve your mindset and support you on your journey to living the life you dream of. Freedom for Maria means to not have to work extreme hours and to be able to enjoy a life of simple elegant pleasures.   Like most other people, Maria had a breakthrough moment many years ago and has developed a skill set and mindset to rise above any challenges and live a much freer lifestyle.  Maria is passionate about helping women overcome their fears, limiting beliefs and supporting them to be all they are meant to be.

I Believe...


That given the right tools and mindset everyone can be successful at life and money,

In living a life of gratitude,

Everyone has a right to freedom,

Everyone has gifts that the world needs,

I am here to help women bring those gifts to the world.

I Am...


A coach, speaker and author with specialties in health and money,

A natural leader,

An excellent manifestor,

Easy to open up to and talk to,

A “get it done” kind of woman,

A creative,

A direct communicator.


Awareness is like the sun.


When it shines on things they are transformed.


Thick Nhat Hanh

On a Personal Note

I live on the West Coast and love being close to the water and mountains. 

I am passionate about being a mother.

I am passionate about elevating women around the world.

I love simple luxuries and simple living.

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