So what does it take to make a radical change in your life?

More often than not it requires you to be more uncomfortable in the situation you’re in than the pain of actually making the change.

We all have those moments in life where we don’t like the situation we’re in and keep going in that same situation because it is challenging to leave it.   We often find these situations very draining and exhausting.  

This is why people stay in marriages that don’t work.   This is why people stay in jobs that they don’t like. I’ve seen people go through an entire career that they did not enjoy because it was a big deal to change.

Change often requires us to face our fears and to let go of things that are comfortable to us.

For me,  this is exactly what happened.

I had been working in the corporate field as a CPA and a leader of a large group of accountants for many years, 32 in fact.   While I loved the people I worked with, I knew I was meant for more. I felt constrained by the corporate environment.  

My wake-up call came about 12 years ago when a dear friend of mine died.  For many, it is often events like this that actually make you wake up and realize a few things in your life.

As I sat at her celebration of life I was in awe of the accomplishments she had in her life and about the value she gave to this earth.  

I was both smiling and crying at the same time.  It was an eye-opening moment for me as I said to myself “what are you doing with your life?”.

I got up every day,  got dressed, got my daughter to daycare and me to work.  Worked all day, did all the domestic things, and started it all over again.  

The Hamster wheel in life. Right.

At that point, I decided I was going to become a nutritionist and a health coach because I had a vision of building a  holistic healthcare center for children.  

Well, that phase came and went.  I honestly can’t say I know the reason why I didn’t take it all the way.   I’m not sure if it was fear or simply logistics of life. I did become a certified nutritionist and holistic health coach!  Indispensable knowledge for anyone!  

I did the side hustle for several years as a Money, Health and Life Coach.  I wanted this life full time. 

I wanted life on my terms.


The Power of Goals 


From a young age, I had set myself a goal of retiring from the corporate world by the time I was 50 years old.  

When I was 49 I had cancer visit me for a short moment in life as well as I had lost my entire immediate family at this by this point in time.   My own mortality was staring me in my face. It took me several months to recover both mentally and emotionally and physically from these events.

Once I did I knew that I needed to make a better plan for leaving the corporate world.   I still had visions for much bigger things in my life. I wanted to serve more people and serve the world in a greater way.   

I also had to deal with the fact of being a single mother and feeling torn every single day as my daughter struggled in school.   There were so many nights of tears from both of us.

This needed to end.

Shortly before my 50th birthday, I realized that I was not going to attain my goal of retiring from the corporate world at 50.  

Then the Universe gave me a little nudge.

One of my mentors, a senior executive, said to me on my 50th birthday; “you get to celebrate being 50 for an entire year!”

The light bulbs went on!!!

I had one year to figure this out and still achieve my goal!  I was motivated more than ever.

But…..I was exhausted and filled with fear. 


The Power of

Facing Your Fears


2 months before my 51st birthday I realized that I needed to get my s*** together.   (I love how my Voice typing just edited out my swear word. Lol)

At that point, I hired a really good coach,  faced my fears, and within 30 days started a business (Elevate Cleaning & Concierge Ltd.) that would allow me to leave the corporate world.  I hired great staff (something I was very skilled at) and I the plan was in motion.  

I said to myself that I would know when I was completely ready to leave.   On top of my goal of leaving, was also my goal to leave at the top of my career.   I did not want to have on an angry moment and leave on bad terms. I had built an amazing legacy in my corporate world and wanted to leave when everything was set up perfectly. 

I remember walking down the street and it hit me.  I was ready. Emotionally yes, financially not so much!  At that point, I knew that it was going to be very soon.   May 31st had always been my date. I had from November till May pull it all together and make it happen.


The Power of

Taking One Step

at a Time

When I made the final decision in my mind I cried every day on the way home from work for a week.   I was not sad about leaving my corporate job. I was sad about the people but I would leave behind.   My staff were like my children to me (yes even though they were adult professionals lol). I even got referred to as mom a time or two because of my nurturing side. 

I spent the next several months saving money, secretly working on my succession plan to make sure that everything was as I’d hoped for my departure.   And it was.

So many people were in awe of what I was doing,  right up to the executives of the company. Did I take a big risk leaving a high-paying corporate job?  Absolutely.

Were there challenges with it all?  Absolutely.

And I have no regrets.

My last day at work was beautiful and exactly how I envisioned.  


This is the power of goal setting.

This is the power of facing your fears.

This is the power of taking one step at a time.


The rewards are great. 


Much love & abundance,



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