3 Money Mindsets for the Successful Entrepreneur

On this episode of The Leap to Freedom Show I talk about a few of the many mindsets required to be a successful entrepreneur.  After pondering my goto list of mindsets that I teach, today I chose to talk about Contribution, Promotion and Admiration.  These are all based on the teachings of Harv Eker, who was a game changer in my own financial success path.


Focusing on contribution should be the foundation to your entire business!  And life for that matter!  Life is not just about you.  Contributing to other people’s lives is a must if you want to be rich!  And I will say right here….you need to be OK with the word “rich”!!


Learning to and being OK with promoting yourself is key to been finanically successful as an entrepreneur.  Mindset check-in….how do you feel when someone tries to sell you something?


The principles of the Law of Attraction come into full effect with this one!  You gotta admire rich and successful people.  Even better, hang out with them and follow what they do!

To find out more, grab your favorite drink and listen in!

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