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Maria Conde

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Meet your Coach

Hi, I’m Maria Conde your Success Catalyst

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, a natural leader and a catalyst to many!

As a Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT® Practitioner, CPA and Certified Professional Coach I help my clients identify and eliminate limiting beliefs that are holding them back from success so they can have more clients, more money and more freedom!
With over 30 years in corporate leadership roles I combine my business expertise with coaching and RTT® to support my clients for ultimate success.

I am the founder of the BE. Confident Wealthy Empowered community.  I am also a best-selling author, a motivational speaker and host of the Leap to Freedom Show Podcast.

My Values & Beliefs

I believe in a coaching practice that is of the highest integrity. My clients deserve and a space in which I hold them in confidence. I also believe in offering the highest value I can.

My top personal values in which I live my life and operate my business are integrity, accomplishment, authenticity, freedom, independence and growth.

I believe everyone has a purpose and deserves to live a life on their terms, not a life dictated by others. I believe in giving just as much as I believe in receiving (says my internal money coach LOL!)

Wealth, Success &  Freedom…
is waiting for you.


If you’re like many of my clients, you have a strong desire for more purpose in your life….
along with wealth and freedom.
You are intelligent, ambitious and successful
You have spent years building a successful career and are now ready for more…
your encore career…
doing what you want, how you want and making an even bigger impact.

As much as you desire this…it just is not coming together as easy as you would have hoped.
You doubt yourself.
You wonder if you are cut out to be an entrepreneur.
Sales conversations are way more challenging than you anticipated!

You have come to the right place.

A lot of the things you are experiencing are not because you are not intelligent….it is because you have some limiting beliefs that are holding you back big time.  

You see, it is your sub-conscious mind that is the culprit here!
BUT….I can help you with that and it won’t take as long as you think!

So you can…
The leader of your Life & Business
Wealthy Confident Empowered

Testimonials from my clients

The Memberships


Dream BElieve Achieve Society


Gain clarity, upgrade your mindset, and take action towards your goals. In the Dream Beleive Achieve Society you’ll receive bite-sized modules with step-by-step strategies, worksheets, and tools to support you on your journey.

Above all it’s going to be a catalyst for you to start manifesting what you truly desire!



Confident Wealthy Empowered


For the woman entrepreneur who knows they are meant for more, dreams big, and wants a wealthy life!

Combining masterminds, group coaching, the BE. Private Podcast, special guests and events and community to support you on your path to manifesting the life and business YOU truly desire. 

Choose Your Adventure!

10 Minute Money Makeover


10  Simple Ways to go from Messy to Empowered with your Money

  • Improve your money mindset
  • Feel empowered
  • Get unstuck in dealing with your money and start taking action 
Everyday for 10 days you will receive a 10-Minute training along with a Daily Mission 

90 Day Visibility Gameplan


The 90-Day Visibility Game Plan will help you get un-stuck and get into action.

It will guide you through the entire process from what to write to how to choose images and where to post!

This was built to help you get more visible and grow your client base with less stress and a lot more ease and flow!

Business in 30


This is the path to quick start your business! The goal of the program is to get your service based business up and running in 30 days!  

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