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Coach.  Visionary.  Strategist.

Helping high achieving professionals create a life and business based on purpose, prosperity and freedom!

5 Day L.E.A.P. to Freedom Challenge – Begins June 8th!

Thinking about leaving your corporate career to start that online business you’ve been dreaming of?  I’d love to invite you to my Free 5-Day L.E.A.P. to Freedom Challenge happening on Monday, June 8th. 

        • Are you ready for a true Freedom lifestyle?

        Do you have an unspoken desire to do something different with your life?

        Are you afraid of the social or family backlash?  Are you feeling burned out…overwhelmed?

         Do you dread going to work everyday?

        This was me for years!  I had a very stable, good career that took me years to build!  Taking the leap is a big step….life altering really.  BUT….so worth it.

        Imagine….waking up everyday to a life of purpose and intention….doing what you love.

        YES, you too, can have this!  Start your journey today!  (Tomorrow is not a day of the week!)

        Join me for a complimentary 30 minute session to see the possibilities!


        Signature Program

        Signature Program

        My signature program L.E.A.P.eap to Freedom is designed to give you the clarity and strategy to make the leap from employee to full-time purpose-led entrepreneur.  This program is all about creating and living the life you have always wanted….not what others want for you.  No more waking up to the feel of dread to start your day and week.  It is time for you to feel in alignment with all that you do and live a joyful life!

        Private Coaching

        1:1 Private Coaching

        Are you ready to take your life to the next level AND want to make a difference in this world?  It is time to create your Freedom First Life!  You bring the desire, we set the goals and make a plan together!  During our time I will help you manifest your truest desires, set a plan, and eliminate your limiting beliefs that hold you back from achivieving our goals.


        Elite Action Mastermind

        Being an entrepreneur is equally rewarding and challenging!  Have you taken every course out there but have not really implemented any of that new knowledge?  Are you overwhelmed with all there is to do?  Join this group of inspiring entrepreneurs as we navigate how to create an extraordinary business and life for you!

        About Me

        I’m a business and life strategist helping high achieving women make a seamless transition from employee to entrepreneur.  Through clarity, mindset and strategy they create a business and life based on purpose and freedom.

        I am an experienced certified professional coach with 30+ years of leadership and business experience as a CPA.  My coach training started out as a Health Coach and Nutritionist and then Money Coaching.  

        Maria Conde


        Client Love


        “As a result I am now taking more action in every area of my life. Even though many of the methods I knew before I started to work with Maria, her coaching helped me to actually implement them in everyday life, because she provided the missing peices and so much needed clarity and support.”


        “I found Maria easy to talk to and helpful in providing some good insight for my next steps. She’s a good listener. Also I really liked the way she took an assessment of every area of my life to really be able to have a better understanding of where I’m at and how to help me.”

        Asilda Dhembi


        “An amazing program that offered the opportunity to go deep into exploring and uncovering ones money blocks. The best past was the practical tips, strategies and tool to create last of change. I feel more clear on how to generate the money I want but also the skills to manage it.”


        Haley, Nicole Talks Love

        Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

        Are you exhausted and dread those “Monday morning” moments?  Maybe the dread kicks in on Sunday!  


        Maybe you are simply ready for a big shift to a more purpose driven life.  A life on our terms!  

        If you are ready to create the extraordinary life you desire simply book a strategy session with me on the left….no strings attached.  

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