Guiding Women to Create a Powerful Relationship with their Money



Simple, practical tools to get your finances back in order and on track for success.


Learn your true desires and discover how to align your decision making with your true desires.  Put a stop to self-sabotaging behaviours.  Feel confident in your money decisions.


Feel more confident in your ability to earn and keep more money.  Discover the beliefs that are holding you back from true abundance and take the steps necessary to improve your mindset for lasting change.

Are you challenged by any or all of these scenarios?

Looking after our finances can be a daunting task and it doesn’t have to be.


Are you struggling looking after your finances.  Do you simply ignore them hoping by it will all go away?!  Do you feel overwhelmed by it all?  Wealthy Woman’s Way offers simple, easy to use systems to get your money on track and keep it on track.


Are you living pay cheque to pay cheque?  Do you feel like you are missing out on life?  It  is time to get off that hamster wheel and start living a live that you truly desire without anything holding you back.


Do you feel shame as soon as someone mentions money or the word debt?  I know it did for me.  It does not have to be that way anymore.  Everyone is worthy of true abundance no matter what your financial situation.

My wish for you is for YOU to live ON PURPOSE

without fear, money or limiting beliefs holding you back.

Maria Conde, CPA, CHC,CPC


Maria Conde is a life, money and health coach with a true desire to help women get through their money challenges that are holding them back from bringing their true gifts to the world.  She has a clear understanding of what it is like to live with debt and money challenges as she has lived through this first hand.  She also knows what is needed to make lasting changes to your mindset and the practical tools to be successful with money.  She brings you all these through The Wealthy Woman’s Way coaching program.


Are you ready to live a life of freedom?

checkCreate Awareness – Nothing can change until you have a full awareness of what needs to change.  You will uncover your true financial picture, discover what mindsets, beliefs and behaviours are holding you back from your true desires.

checkTake Action –  Learn new belief systems, mindsets and behaviours that will propell you forward.  You will learn systems to keep your money on track and ways to attract more income.

checkLasting Changes –  Making the changes on a slow and steady pace will set you up for the long haul.  Create a new money legacy for yourself to be successful now and in the future with your money.  Learn to make conscious money decisions that are congruent with all your money values and you true desires.

During this 6 week mastermind you will…..

Module One

CREATING YOUR MONEY “WHY” –  Discover your money values and beliefs and your deepest desires for having true abundance now and in the future.  In this module you will also dive into the emotional side of your money.

Module Two

CREATING A NEW MONEY LEGACY –  Discover the mindsets that are holding you back from true abundance and replace them with new mindsets to bring you long term financial and life success.  Learn techniques to change your thoughts and discover the sneaky self-sabotaging behaviours and what do to to create new money habits.

Module Three

CREATING LASTING CHANGES –   In this module you will shatter your Glass Money Ceiling beliefs and create a plan to earn more!  You will also let go of the past and create a new money legacy!

Module Four

Create Awareness – Get a set of tools to organize your finances, create awareness of your true financial picture and where you need to focus.  You will also identify where your money leaks are.

Module Five

Creating New Systems Learn simple systems to keep your finances on track.  Learn to automate your finances and other tools to make it less of a “chore”!  Learn to make a financial decision with grace and power.  This module also gives you some tools and tips for debt reduction.

Module Six

Empowerment  This is the kickoff of a 40 day challenge to put all you have learned into action!  It is no good just having the information sitting in your head… need to practice these new skills and what better way to do it than a challenge!

On top of the 6 modules of The Wealthy Woman’s Way you will get….


Bonus one

 28 Day Spiritual Journey Meditation Course (Value $99)

Bonus two

30 minute 1-on-1 session with Maria Conde to experience your own private coaching session.  This can be used at any point in the course, at the beginning to make sure you are off to a great start or during if you happen to feel particularly challenged in an area. (Value $225)

Bonus three 

Create Your Vision Mastermind course (Value $99)

Bonus four 

Completion Gift – When you complete the work of the mastermind (you will have to submit some specific work to me) I will send you a special gift!  (Value $75)


The Need to Know Fun Details

The Wealthy Woman’s Way will be sent out via email every Sunday and then the following Saturday I will be conducting a LIVE session to go through the material and do some laser coaching!

Every module includes motivating music, self care and lots of exercises for you to start your path to wealth & freedom!

Investment will be $997 (payment plan will be available)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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