Welcome to Love Your Money Podcast #4!!!  I am so loving creating these podcasts to educate, empower and enlighten you!  I purposely keep them short, under 15 minutes, as I know you are all super busy and I wanted to make it easy for you to listen to.

In this podcast I wanted to start working with the Quiz that I have built online to help you discover the areas that could use a little work in order to have more abundance and freedom in your life.  I suggest that you take the Quiz and see what comes up for you, it only takes a few minutes.  Will it be mindset, action, boundaries, forgiveness or empowerment?  This particular podcast is all about Boundaries.  The next 4 podcasts will cover the other ares so stay tuned.

Having strong boundaries is key for you to live and operate at your best.  When you are at your best you can serve others better, whether it be your family, friends, job or clients…or simply enjoy life better yourself!  In this podcast you will learn what it looks and feels like when your boundaries are crossed, discover areas where you want to improve your boundaries and some guidance on taking some action steps.

You can listen to the podcast here or you can listen to it in iTunes and subscribe there…so you never miss an episode!

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[Tweet “If you spend your life pleasing others, you spend your life.” ~ Cheryl Richardson~]

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