Welcome to my first ever Podcast!!!  I am so excited about this it is crazy!  Part of working through my own Sacred Money Archetypes® this year was to embrace the side of me that loves to speak up and teach!  Learning your Archetype is very powerful and you will have a chance to learn yours very soon!  Watch for details.

The month of June is all about getting into ACTION!  I was first going to label it “stop procrastinating” but I prefer to always think on the positive side so I chose just to focus on ACTION!  Enjoy the podcast and be sure to get your FREEBIE that I talk about in the podcast below!

Here are the links that were part of the Podcast:


Insight Timer for meditation   Love this app!…and it’s FREE

Click on the photo above to download the full handout!

The Path to Wealth by May McCarthy

Clear Your Clutter FREE Webinar

Clear Your Money Clutter

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