12 Places to Find Hidden Income

Whether you are sticking diligently to a spending plan or possibly spent too much money or maybe you have an unexpected expense here are some places you can look for some additional income!


Host a yard sale.  Time to get rid of all the things creating clutter in your home.  Not only will you generate some additional income, you will free up space for more blessings to come to you.


Cancel or reduce any services that you are paying for but no longer need.  I did this recently when I discovered I was paying for Netflix and had not watched it in months.  This can be completed via #11.  It is amazing what you can find, particularly if you are a business owner.  


List larger items you no longer need on CraigsList or a similar service.  I am talking about things you might have stored in your garage….2 Christmas trees perhaps, maybe bikes your family has outgrown?


Raise your fees/prices or ask for a raise.   This one takes a bit of bravery but so worth it in the end.  As for asking for a raise, be prepared with a case and be reasonable and you will be more likely to be successful.  Asking for the moon will get you nowhere.   Having a strong sense of self worth makes this task quite easy.  If you are not that person, then I suggest you take baby steps that you feel comfortable with.  It all counts and you will increase your net worth and your self worth.


Collect any money that is owed to you from friends, family or clients.  This may feel a little uncomfortable but you will feel very empowered after you do it!


Gather all the loose money you have lying around.  Look in coat pockets, purses, drawers, sofa cushions, even in the car!


Use your talents to create something to sell.  Are you a creative?  Etsy or similar places are great places to start selling your wares.  


Ask your current clients for a referral.  This is obviously for those in business for themselves and if you have done good customer service all along this should not be a problem.  


Start a blog and monetize it.  Find something you are passionate about and go for it!  Blogging is a great way to build an audience, educate people, give back to society and if you are good at it you can earn significant money blogging.


Follow-up.  This is huge if you are in business for yourself.  Most entrepreneurs do not do follow-up to the extent that they should.  Very few purchasing decisions are made on the first or second offer.  It usually takes 5+ times to approach someone!  Fortune is in the follow-up!


Audit your monthly bank statements and credit card statements for accuracy.  It is amazing what you find.  It may even be that this causes a deep awareness as to your spending habits!  That alone could save you money!


Practice manifesting some additional income!  Yep, you heard me, manifest some!  Check out my next blog on manifesting!

Hopefully you can find something on this list to inspire you to find that little bit of extra income!

Love & Abundance

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