In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Don’t live a life of regrets. Find your courage today and join The Courage Collective!  What is The Courage Collective??

The Courage Collective is: groups of women gathering together online and live in person to:

1) Build a strong business foundation through online trainings and Get It Done Masterclasses that will support you where you currently are in your business and help you become a Courageous Leader!

2) Mastermind for accountability, support and growth – It is proven that when you surround yourself with other powerhouse women you will go farther, faster.

3) Practice speaking skills – At each bi-monthly Courage Circle meeting in your local area you will have the opportunity to practice and master the art of speaking with fun, simple and powerful activities.

4) Deliver a speech – You will have the opportunity to deliver a short speech to your Collective so you can polish your skills and gain even more confidence in a supportive space to get out there and SHINE on stages.

5) Stretch your courage muscle – You will have truth and dares to help you move past your comfort zone in life and business while being supported to take those leaps of faith and step beyond fear.

6) You will have the opportunity to host an event where you will each be able to take the stage to speak live.

7) Share speaking opportunities – Part of the Courage Collective is that each week you meet in your local Courage Circle each member brings an event, organization or other speaking opportunity to share with the group.  This will keep you all moving forward with finding more speaking gigs and making it a consistent practice of looking for gigs and reaching out! These opportunities will then be compiled into a larger database to be shared with all the Collectives so that there is a constant directory of opportunities to get booked to speak being shared.

 The Courage Collective will give you confidence and ongoing support to speak and practice your craft while connecting with other powerhouse women to feel supported as you take on turning your message into a movement and creating an impact and income through leading-edge business trainings!

One other BIG part of the Courage Collective is that 10% from every mastermind fee each month will go to a give back project around the world.

Together we can change the world with our voices!

If you are interested in learning more contact me and I would be happy to talk with you to see if this is the right fit for you!

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