Luminosity Podcast #5 – Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

Welcome to the Luminosity Podcast!  Today we have the pleasure of speaking with relationship consultant Dr. Rhoberta Shaler.

As a relationship consultant, mediator, speaker, and author, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor, provides urgent and ongoing care for relationships in crisis.  Her mission is to help people stop tolerating abuse. Even the United States Marines have sought her help.

Dr. Shaler focuses on helping the partners, exes, and adult children of the relentlessly difficult people she calls “Hijackals®.” She offers strategies for dealing with the constant uncertainty and jaw-dropping behaviors of toxic people.  Author of sixteen books including

Escaping the Hijackal Trap and

Stop! That’s Crazy-Making! How to Stop Playing the Passive-Aggressive Game.

She is the host of the weekly Relationship Help Show on BBSRadio.

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Where to find Dr. Shaler:

What Dr. Shaler is reading right now:

Anything from Joel Goldsmith

Dr. Shaler is most Passionate about:

If she can talk to someone and have them see that they seriously matter and that they are being treated in a way that does not demonstrate that they matter.


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