Alignment is one of those key foundation pieces that is so important when you want to accomplish something and even for how you show up in this world.   Without alignment we can be sabotaging all our efforts and gains we make towards our goals.  To be in alignment and have the Universe support our goals and desires our thoughts, actions and words must all be congruent or in alignment.  You can not desire something and do the opposite and expect it to show up.   You don’t necessarily have to work directly on that desire but you have to not work against it.  Many concepts of manifestation are that you set the desire/intention and then let it go and let the Universe deliver.  Some people take this literally when in fact the Universe does need a little support!  You have to at least go in the direction of your desires….not against them with self-sabotaging behaviours!  

Let’s look at alignment energetically under the premise that everything is energy.  To be in alignment you must BE the essence of what you want.  You must show up at the frequency of what you want.  If you want to be financially abundant you have to have the mindset and take the physical actions to embody that which you want.  If you want to get out of debt or stay out of debt and you continue to create more debt you are not in alignment with the what you want and the energy of the universe is not going to support your true goal.  You must become the frequency of what you want to attract before it will happen.  Like attracts Like.

Use your feelings to guide you on this journey.  If you listen carefully, your feelings will guide you in the right direction.  More often than not we know when we are doing something that is not in alignment with our higher desire.  When we are not in alignment It does not feel right inside us and we will often know we are exhibiting self sabotaging behaviours.

 Here are 5 tips to keep you in alignment in many areas of your life:


Align yourself with people that support you and will help you rise, not take you down.  I recently heard Tony Robbins speak on this topic about surrounding yourself with people that are successful at the level you want.  If you want something in life, align yourself with people that are successful at that same thing.  Learn, model and grow from them and you will have a much better chance of been successful.


You live in Integrity when you are in alignment with your thoughts, words and behaviours.  Our thoughts become our life through our sub-conscious.  If your thoughts are saying to you that you will always be poor or in debt or never loose weight then our subconscious works to make that happen.  The subconscious does not know the difference between reality and non-reality.  If you desire something, be it, think it and let your mind believe it is already yours!


To achieve success with your goals your actions must be in alightmnet with your goals.  You can not be successful with setting a goal and doing the opposite.  If you want to be out of debt, you need to act in alignment with that end result in mind all the time.  The same goes for savings.  Maybe you are wanting to save for a big trip….going out and buying new furniture when you don’t have the money or are using the money you are saving for the vacation is not going to get you on that holiday!


Using positive words to remain in alignment with what you want.  A great example of this is using the word “try” which is very common by all of us.  Do you find yourself saying things like “I till try not to use my credit cards” or “I will try not to eat any junk food”.  The word “try” actually has negative energy to it!  (Oddly enough, I learned this concept at a accounting seminar!)  Be affirmative in all your thinking and writing.  Don’t give the Universe mixed messages using words like “try”.  If you truly desire something put as much positive energy to it as you can and it will some to you.


Be your authentic self.  Being in alignment with your true self allows you to shine in this world.  You will begin to attract more people that are that which you desire to have in your life.  The world needs you and all your gifts that you bring with you.


Choose one thing you are manifesting in your life and spend the day with it in the forefront of your consciousness all day.  Think about what you are doing and why.  Be conscious of all your actions and decisions.  Is it going to get you where you want to go.  Manifesting is not about just wishing for something and then hoping it will show up.  You must act in alignment with what you want .  




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